While a bright and beautiful flower, the daffodil is also the flower which represents hope!

April is daffodil month and on April 27th, Daffodil Day, the Canadian Cancer Society is encouraging everyone to wear a daffodil pin to show their support for people living with cancer.
Although not everyone may have a Daffodil pin, it is thoroughly encouraged that you donate to cancer fundraisers! 

On this important day we encourage Canadians to do something special for those living with cancer or to contribute in some way to the fight against this disease. For example:

Tell a loved one or friend with cancer that you are thinking of them; let them know about the Society’s information and support programs.

Do something special for someone you know with cancer (for example, make a meal, do an errand, babysit).

Talk with your provincial or local politicians about the importance of fighting back against cancer and tell them how they can join the Society in this fight.

-The Canadian Cancer Society


     And I’d like to remind everyone that “Do something special for someone you know with cancer” shouldn’t just be limited to those with cancer! Being kind and preforming good deeds is something we promote daily, so remember to be kind to all those around you, and offer to help out once in a while!

We hope to see you with your pins and spreading awareness!

Have a lovely day and stay hopeful!